Weekly class schedule!!! All classes have been moved online for now!

Wednesday’s 2PM EST – Metal Yoga – Meeting ID 730 413 028 PW Metal666

Wednesday’s 8:PM EST – Black Metal Yin – Meeting ID 849 6849 8798 PW hailsatan

Saturday’s 12PM EST – Black Metal Yin – Meeting ID 148 925 452 PW hailsatan

Saturday’s 2PM EST – Metal Yoga – Meeting ID: 869 0861 1093 PW: hellblast https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86908611093?pwd=aGNFMjltR3Y0NVpKeUpRN0hOajlWdz09

Sunday’s 10:30AM EST – Metal Yoga with Yin – Meeting ID: 868 8312 5765 PW: metalworld https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86883125765?pwd=bnBhWEFsUEJDc2tXc1M5OWo3a3Ixdz09

Sunday’s 2PM EST – Metal Yoga with Robert – Meeting ID679 280 560 PW hornsup666

All classes will be open 15min before starting!!! Playlists will be posted to notes and are available in the playlist section or on Spotify. All classes are recording and can be requested if missed!!!

Tip your instructor via PayPal to metalyogabones@gmail.com or Venmo to https://venmo.com/code?user_id=1307556362321920038

Horns up to you all and have you so much for your support!
Our Metal Community rules!!!